About Us

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I founded InteliReach, LLC to assist businesses with building their customer base and strengthening these relationships. If you're not providing your customers with something of value they consider meaningful on a regular basis, you're bound to lose them to someone else. I used to do this exclusively for media companies through -

  • Research and consulting to TV stations, TV groups, TBS, HGTV, the Golf Channel, and other program producers on their content and program promotion.
  • Management of programming, promotion, and other departments within TV stations in Philadelphia, PA, Cincinnati, OH and Birmingham, AL.
  • Development of TV program content for nationally syndicated shows.

However, the task of establishing and nurturing these relationships is changing, not just for media, but for all businesses. The development of multiple platforms to access information, entertain yourself, shop, and converse with friends and colleagues is altering consumer habits and affecting how marketers can reach them.

So I've assembled a talented team of professionals to provide businesses with expertise and services necessary to succeed in today's ultra competitive business environment.

We're committed to helping small and medium size businesses with a limited marketing department or without one at all develop a big presence online to attract, serve, and grow its customer base.  Whether you're seeking assistance in choosing the right online marketing methods or support to execute your strategy it's all about making the right connections so you can cash in.

Call us at (513) 891-0921 or reach us here to build and preserve more of those invaluable associations with prospective clients, consumers, TV audiences, web users, and advertisers.

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