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  1. Being mobile friendly is now a ranking factor for Google search.
  2. 20% or more of traffic to your website is generated by mobile devices - i.e. smartphones or tablets.
  3. Traffic coming from mobile devices to your website is growing fast, even if it isn't greater than 20% yet.
  4. You employ an automated online appointment scheduling system.
  5. Your business provides emergency services.
  6. People may be looking for your retail or hospitality / entertainment based outlet.
  7. Travelers are your customers.
  8. Event / tradeshow attendees are desired contacts.
  9. When company executives travel, it is an ideal time for them to review your products, services, or leadership thought pieces.
  10. Businesses optimized for mobile are 3x as likely to exceed conversion rates of desktop only sites.


  1. Your business handles online transactions like bank deposits and product purchases.
  2. Your business showcases products, their features and prices online.
  3. You offer remote access to personalized accounts or business projects where streamlined functionality for a variety of features is beneficial.

At the very least, your website content should be EASILY readable on smartphones, tablets and laptop devices without extra sizing and scrolling to obtain the content or contact you.

Mobile Website Strategy
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