Personal Branding

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Know Yourself to Brand Yourself

  Personal Branding
Do you want to attract new clients, get a job, get promoted, or take on more challenging responsibilities? Then advance your personal brand.
Your personal brand is your promise of value to others – clients, customers, employers, peers, family and friends. It’s their perception of you and your ticket to a rewarding career, not a fancy marketing scheme or artificial persona.
Having a strong personal brand will be your best introduction to people who don’t know you as well as an asset when working with those familiar with your abilities.

InteliReach, as a certified 360Reach Branding Analyst, assists people with a three step process to develop their personal brand.
  1. Find out whether other people perceive you in the same way you perceive yourself by conducting a Personal Branding Survey.
  2. Craft a series of strategies / tactics to shape the way you want to be perceived.
  3. Execute your plans to reach tangible goals.
The 360Reach Personal Branding Survey – the world’s first and leader.
  • Participants - clients, peers, friends, and family members who know you well. (All data collected anonymously)
  • Input – participants will identify your attributes, leadership competencies, skills, and role you’re suitable to fill in a team like facilitator, leader, project manager or doer.
  • Outcome – receive the following tools and support to evaluate the survey results and take action in response to the results.
    • Report – receive a 20 page report with collated data from all respondents combined and grouped by their association with you – i.e. client, peer, friend, family.
    • Fillable PDF Workbook – record your analysis and develop your action response to the survey.
    • Video Coaching – receive direction on how to interpret and use the survey data by the foremost authority on personal branding, William Arruda.
    • InteliReach Support
      • assistance with the survey setup
      • independent analysis and a coaching session on the survey results
      • followup coaching session on development of action commitments     

360Reach is the world’s first and leading branding survey. Created by William Arruda, it has been used by nearly a million people around the world and is installed at many of the world’s largest and most respected companies (American Express, British Telecom, GE, IBM, J&J, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starwood Hotels, Target Warner Bros, etc.).

It has also been used at NYU Stern, Duke Fuqua, Cornell Johnson, UCLA, UC Berkeley Haas, Wharton, Parson’s School of Design, Fordham and Thunderbird and at many other Universities around the world.



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