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10 Ways to Stand Out Using Video


To stand out in a cluttered field of marketing messages for competing products and services, businesses are resorting to video. People will look at a video before reading. It stirs emotion. It’s convenient. Memorable stories will be shared.

Here are ten ways using video can help your business. The first five are primarily marketing initiatives. The second five are for moving products and services.


BLOGVideo is the great antidote to a post that may be rather mundane or uninteresting in written form. Some things are much easier to explain in video. You’ll increase the probability of your posts being shared with others.

EMAIL – What would you rather do, click on a link or watch a short video? Looking at a video is one of simplest, easiest, and most pleasurable actions you can ask a reader to take in a video message. If you want to increase your conversion rate, try it.

ABOUT – When a visitor comes to your website to learn about you, an introductory video about your business or yourself can help establish a sense of competency, integrity, authority, and trust. If you’re in a consumer oriented business like a restaurant, hotel, or  health facility, conveying what the environment is like can be invaluable.

TWITTER VINE – In a six second video Twitter gives iphone users the ability to enlighten people about their business in ways that are only limited by your imagination.

YOU TUBE OVERLAY – Insert a call-to-action overlay for a YouTube video. Include  information about the video, other videos, your channel, or direct the viewer to a website. You’ll need an Adwords for video TrueView ad to make this work.


PRODUCT/SERVICEVideo brings a product or service to life.

DEMO– Rather than claim that your business offers great products, demonstrate them in action. Your credibility will go way up.

IN PROGRESS – In business where the end result is achieved by completion of an extensive process, this method of storytelling gives prospective customers a new appreciation for what you do. In progress videos are great for updating the status of a project as well as building interest in the brand over an extended period of time.

BEFORE/AFTER – This is a great use of video for businesses skilled in transformation services – property remodeling, health, weight management, and auto repair, for example.

REVIEW – A personal recommendation is the second most important element in the decision making process for a buyer. Think about how much more powerful a camera video review can be instead of a written one.

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