Video Storytelling

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Using Video to Market Your Business

The most powerful marketing method available to you is video. It attracts attention. It taps your sight and sound senses. It stirs emotion.

Take Apollo Draperies for example. This is a local, family owned business that desires to show people how capable they are in making custom window treatments and serving their clients throughout the process. By using video storytelling, they put on full display the quality of their workmanship and integrity. As a result they received a priceless endorsement. Contact us to learn more.

Using video increases time spent viewing a website and higher conversion rates. According to Marketing Sherpa, 75% of people viewing a video will visit its corresponding website. Video can address effectively a variety of business goals. 
      Brand Awareness
      Better Client Engagement
      Expansion of Client Data Base
      New Lead Generation
      Turn Viewers Into Buyers

The type of content created is only limited by your imagination and budget. Typically, customer videos are produced for one of these seven reasons.
      Introduction to the Business
      Customer Service Story
      New Production Introduction
      Special Offering
      Business Location Tour
      How to Demonstration
      How You Handle Clients

In addition, businesses use video for internal purposes to train their employees, explain company goals, or conduct team building exercises.

InteliReach provides script development, presentation coaching, shooting, editing, and distribution for your website, You Tube and other social media platforms. At its office studio it offers a very cost effective and expedient way for small business enterprises to introduce themselves to prospective clients. Is this right for you? Free consultation.

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